First of all, let me say “Happy Friday to You!”. It has been a great week, thanks to everyone that has joined in and listened to the Edge Radio Show each weekday at ShagCityUSA. Yesterday, it was crazy on facebook and social media as Bo asked what group would you go see if time and money were not a factor..meaning you could go back in time and go see any act anywhere. We received a lot of great suggestions and enjoyed reading about some of your memories of beach music acts in the past. The facebook sharing went in about 12 different directions, so we may have missed some of these groups. Bo and I added a bunch of them on the comments at the post from yesterday. “Who would you go see?

It is Friday! We have another 3 hours on the way!

The Edge Radio Show starts today at 9AM

Tune in! Turn it Up! and Rip the Knob Off!

Today, I am excited to have Grayson Hugh join me on the Edge Radio Show. Here is another big time performer that is still out there playing and recording some incredible tunes. I play songs written and recorded by Grayson Hugh every day on the show. Tune in and listen for the live interview! When I told my Dad who was going to be on the show today, he pulled out his collection of 45’s and sent me this picture of Grayson Hugh’s “Talk it Over” record.

“Talk it Over” – Released 1988 on the Blind to Reason Album


Official Website for Grayson Hugh