Hello Friday! Welcome to The Edge! We though it would be fun to test your knowledge this morning. Look at the lines of the songs below. What line comes next? Pick any one of them and add the next line either here on the website or comment on the facebook page that you saw this first. Join us on The Edge Radio Show on Shag City USA at 9AM – We have another great show ahead for this First Friday of February Edition!

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Do you know the Next Line of any listed below?

Comment with Song Title, Artist and Next Line if you know it.

  • That is why, that is why
  • We’ve got grits and greens
  • We’ll have some fun in the waves
  • This Girl Needs a Tune-up
  • Radio’s playing music loud
  • We’ll fall in love on a carousel
  • I’m Gonna Dance Tonight
  • Stop Running from Me Boy
  • Jump All Over Me