Okay, so we said give us questions and we will get you answers. This is one question that we need help with. It was not directed to anyone specifically, so we will have to survey our loyal listeners, readers and of course… we will get some feedback from people in the industry.

“How do you define ‘beach music band’?” – If they have a song on the beach music charts, are they a beach music band or artist? If they play in the beach music clubs, are they a beach music artist? Do you, as a band or artist, welcome the tag “beach music band’ or do you tell people you are not a beach music band, but play some beach music songs. If you play in a beach music festival, should you be a beach music band? We would love to know what you think!

We will play another 3 hours of the best music in the world on The Edge Radio Show today at Shag City USA while we watch the comments and facebook posts to see what you think about this question. Look for responses from some of the artists that we think are beach music bands.

Friday Edition of The Edge Radio Show starts at 9AM



How do you define beach music band?