Good morning and welcome to the weekend! It’s Friday or as it was put this week “Fly-Day” because we are going to let it fly today on the Edge Radio Show. No holds barred and full steam ahead is how we roll, so get ready to sing, dance and get in the mood to meet this weekend head on! I hope you have a great day and even greater weekend! Now get ready for our daily meeting around the music because we are departing to the EDGE at 11:00 sharp on 94.9 The Surf!
I was thinking this morning that Fridays could indeed be called “Fur-I Days” in honor of our furry friends that bring so much happiness to our lives! I was looking through some pictures and found this picture of Crewz when he was just 3 months old! I invite you to share your favorite pet pics today on our Facebook page under today’s post!

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