This Thursday Weekend Update for Beach Music is brought to you by Beach Music Party, the official event website of Carolina Beach Music. We have a lot of great events coming up this weekend as even more next weekend for the 4th of July Weekend Celebration. We will talk about the July 1/2/3 events at the Galleon on The Edge Radio Show with Mike Worley today.

Of course, the big event tonight is at the OD Horseshoe. The Entertainers are in town and will be playing the FREE NMB Concert down in the heart of Ocean Drive. I will see you tonight with Beach Music LIVE on location.

I want to hear about your events. What are is going on this weekend in Beach Music? Tune in to the Edge Radio Show today and join in the disussion about beach music events in the next few days. Please comment below or on the facebook page for Edge Entertainment

Thursday Edition of The Edge Radio Show starts at 9AM



What are you doing this weekend?