As the title states, today’s show covered a variety of topics which I hope you found helpful or at the least humorous! I am still getting over the fact that ravioli was not paired with tomato sauce in the official pasta pairing guide. I guess that is just one more thing I will buck the system on….Long live Chef Boyardee!

What I didn’t mention was that on this day 35 years ago the world lost John Lennon. A member of the most popular band of the 20th century, the Beatles were a major influence on American rock and roll and they took the United States by storm. Of the four, John Lennon was the most outspoken and along with that he became the most controversial. Regardless of the controversy, I am sure we can agree that he was a brilliant songwriter and was influential in the music world as we know it. The popular song written and performed by Lennon “Imagine” takes us on a journey to imagine what the world would be like without all of the things that divide us such as religion, money, possessions or borders, a place where mankind lived together in peace. Unfortunately, this place doesn’t physically exist, but that doesn’t mean you and I as individuals have to let religion, possessions, money or status bring division between ourselves and our fellow man. As much as people believe those things actually identify who you are in this life, at the end of the day the only things that really identify you are your name, your word and most of all your influence. Be it good or bad, that’s honestly all people will remember about you when you’re gone…think about it!