Good Wednesday Morning to you! Thanks for joining us here at today! We hope you are tuning in to Shag City USA for another 3 hours of The Edge Radio Show. Bo and I have been discussing this “question topic” for weeks. If you have been listening and following the show, you know we have featured artists from time to time. We have had the artists on the show to talk about songs and some stories from their experience on the beach music circuit. I usually lead the interview and ask the questions. We have also had other artists contribute questions to stump the guest artist or possibly embarrass them a little bit. Today, we invite you to ask the questions that you want us to get the answers.

As you listen to the show today, we ask that you use the comment form below or use our website contact form, tell us who you want to answer the question and what you want to know. We will be inviting the artists to come on the show and ask these questions to them on your behalf. We may even work it out so that you can ask the question on the air.

For example; “To Jim Quick, what did she pour on and did she pour it all out?”

Wednesday Edition of The Edge Radio Show starts at 9AM