Happy Monday! Or like the title says Monday Madness….the ACC tournament wrapped up Sat night, we sprung our clocks forward (does anyone really know what time it is?), and today snow is falling in parts of mid and Western NC, and at the same time pollen is falling in the East. Now you understand where the “madness” is coming from. But with all of this going on, Monday is still one of my favorite days of the week. A new day and the beginning of a brand new week that will be filled with good times and great music! With that said, I am stacking nickels on the jukebox and getting ready to kick this week into high gear. Join me on 94.9 The Surf and we’ll load the wagons and take a musical journey to the EDGE; which happens to be where all of the fun is! Have a great and safe Monday and I’ll see you at 11:00 am sharp!

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