It is cold here at Carolina Beach, NC. It is Cold in North Myrtle Beach, SC where Bo is today. Neither of us have snow. Many of our listeners do have snow this morning and may be getting a bunch of the white stuff this weekend. Bo and I are glad we are not in DC where they could get up to 2 feet of snow this weekend. The saying is “A Rainy Day…A Snowy Day… A Cold Day…. at the beach is still a day at the beach”.

As we start the best 3 hours of your day this morning, we thought about asking “Which Beach was the first beach to play beach music?” That would be a heated discussion to get the blood flowing for some of you out there…… maybe one for another day. Scroll down for our question of the day…

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Question for the Day

We ask… “Which Beach gives you your best Beach Music memory?”