Normally Tuesday is the day we do our featured artist and thanks to those that asked about it yesterday. We had some stuff come up and decided Wednesday would be the best day to do it this week so here we go…

Today, we are featuring Beach Music Hall of Fame Artist, The Castaways. Tune in as we play some of our favorites and your favorite songs from The Castaways. Guy Brooks and Karen Clayton will be calling in to share some updates and news from the band.

The Edge Radio Show starts at 9AM


Current Members of The Castaways

Karen Clayton (Lead Vocals)
Guy Brooks (Bass, Vocals)
John Arthurs (Guitar, Vocals)
Randy Smith (Keys, Vocals)
Jeff Weidhaas (Trumpet, Vocals)
Jason Pulley (Saxophone, Vocals)
Jason Johnson (Drums)
Van Stuckey (Guitar)

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