We have featured General Norman Johnson and the Chairmen of the Board on our show and on this website. Some of the greatest songs we have ever heard were brought to us by the Chairmen of the Board. The excitement of Danny Woods sitting in with Ken Knox and Company this past weekend has brought up many great memories of this Legendary Group. Last week, many people told us they were first introduced to live beach music at a COTB show.

We have asked for your favorite Chairmen songs before on a previous show. Today, we want to know “What are some of your favorite lyrics?” It may be the title of the song, it may be just one line in a song that means something to you or sticks in your heard all day when you hear it. Please share with us here in the comments or on our Edge facebook page.

Like everyday, we will playing some Chairmen songs today on The Edge Radio Show at Shag City USA. If there is a song that you haven’t heard in a long time and want to request, please let us know. It is also okay to request a song that you hear every day. Thanks for listening and supporting our show every weekday.

Tuesday Edition of The Edge Radio Show starts at 9AM



What are you favorite song lyrics from a Chairmen of the Board Song?