There is a lot of talk lately about bands that will not perform in North Carolina due to recent political decisions. North Carolina Residents that are fans of these major acts are missing out on concerts in their area due to the band cancelling shows.

Craig Saunders, from Big Time, posted a status update on his facebook page about bands that WILL STILL PLAY IN NC. I thought this was something that deserves some more attention. I know there are a lot of great bands out there that need to be added to this list. Mike Worley and I will do our best to add them as I see comments and posts. The best way is to leave a comment here and I will get them added to the list. Thanks for supporting these bands. Thanks for supporting Beach Music and the venues that feature beach music. If someone has been added to this list and does not want to be listed here, please also let me know in the comments. Those comment will not go public.

Please Share this list with your friends and if your favorite band that will still play in North Carolina is not on this list, let us know.