According to Google, the official start of Summer is next Monday, June 20th. Depending on what article you read, it could be various times beginning Monday Night to early Tuesday Morning. You would never know it is not Summer based on the temps yesterday. It was HOT! Welcome to another week of The Edge Radio Show where the music is ALWAYS HOT. It is Monday the 13th and we have another 3 hours of the best music in the world coming to you 9am to Noon EST. We hope your morning is GREAT!

And for our friends across the big pond, we hope you are having a Great Day! Good Afternoon, Heather Haywood and Roy Hamilton. Thank you so much for checking in with us last week. We hope you enjoy the show here on Shag City USA.

In case you missed the latest episode of Bands of the Sand – You can click here and watch the replay of Envision which aired Sunday night at 8PM on the North Carolina Channel. The footage from this show and every episode of this season’s Bands of the Sand was filmed at TJ’s Night Life in Raleigh, NC.

Monday Edition of The Edge Radio Show starts at 9AM