Behind every successful band in beach music is a good drummer. In many cases, you might not even notice how good the drummer really is playing. Of course, the occasional drum solo is entertaining and always brings applause and attention to the drummer. There has only been 2 drummers that have received the CBMA Instrumentalist of the year. Adam Barber, previously with The Craig Woolard Band received the award in 2012 and Camron Dudley who plays with Coastline received the award in 2014. As we play 3 hours of the best music in the world this morning on The Edge Radio Show, listen for the drums! Tell us who belongs on the list of great drummers of beach music.

Tuesday Edition of The Edge Radio Show plays 9 to 12


Edge Music Series Update

All of the bands that are part of the Edge Music Series have great drummers. If you are excited about the series and want to help, please look for the sponsorship update about the Edge Music Series Special Pass.

Best Drummers of Beach Music

Who would you put on the list?